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At the Nexus, Fourth in Line for Hot New Digs

Following up on this morning's reader report of camping out to secure a spot at new Dumbo development The Nexus, DwellingQuest broker Gil Blum sends along photo documentation of his camp-out on behalf of a client. (Fourth in line! Duuuuuude, we scored top floor!!) After the jump, more photos! Plus, a handy camp-out guide for scoring Zepplein tix choice development digs.

Our correspondent from this morning emails these development camp-out tips:

Camping out more than 24 hours before an offering is definitely not for the faint of heart, but I must say that the 5 or 6 couples that were part of the first 11 spots did stick out together through the cold night. So what's the best camp out strategy? 1) Study your timing - people have started standing up in line earlier and earlier for each offering. For The Toy Factory, the gossip goes that people lined up at 5pm the day before. As you may have heard by now, for The Nexus the first one in line was there at 6:30am of the day before. So depending on what you're looking for, plan the timing of your attack: want a choice of two-bedrooms? show up early. Want a one-bedroom? Show up a little later.

2) Have drop shipments and scheduled shifts - both of you don't have to show up at the same time. I showed up early while my wife took care of other things. She then came in a couple of times to bring food, clothes, blankets, sleeping bag, etc. Your partner in crime only really needs to show up for the night, so you can both alternate sleeping.

3) Tactically plan for body breaks - I can't stress enough how important it is to figure out where's the closest Starbucks with a bathroom and find out exactly what time it closes and opens. In Dumbo, the coffe shop closed at 10pm but, even though it was supposed to open at 6am (or so said the door), they didn't open until 930am... but here's a little tip, there's a bathroom for the park rangers by the water, go locate before the next Nexus release!!!

4) Consider renting a car - we didn't own a car, but the first couple in line had their parked right in front of the building. So I sent my wife out to rent a car. It worked out great, whenever one of us got too cold, we went to sit/nap in the car.

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