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Camping Out at the Nexus: 'We Got Eggs Thrown At Us'

The Nexus, a 12-story, 56-condo building on Front St. in Dumbo, won't be finished until year's end, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start sleeping onsite. A Curbed reader sends this harrowing tale from the frontlines of an open house sleepover:

i just spent more than 24 hours camping out on the street to buy a condo. sure, it sounds crazy, but that's what it takes this days to buy a condo pre-construction. i showed up at 9:30am on saturday morning for a sunday 11:00am first-come first-served offering and was the THIRD person on the line. eleven condo units were being offered today... the first couple got there at 630am, next couple around 10:30 (i had gone to walk around the neighborhood to reassure myself it was ok to buy so lost a spot on the line). from there, the three of us buyers were mentally prepared to go the distance and stayed all alone until 4:30pm, when the next soul showed up.More after the jump, including an introduction to the "lady from Virginia" and the line-cutters. The reader continues:

fifth and sixth