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Spring Restaurant Preview: Colicchio Does Tunnel

No longer content with running a mere half-dozen restaurants each, NYC's star chefs are branching out this spring:

It will be a busy spring for Tom Colicchio, who in April plans to move Craft Bar to new and larger quarters nearby at 900 Broadway; the existing Craft Bar will become a private dining room for Craft restaurant. Mr. Colicchio will also open another of his gourmet sandwich shops, ?wichcraft, in Tribeca, as well as establish a commissary and retail space in the former Tunnel on 11th Avenue. Finally, he has just signed a deal to take over the kiosks in Bryant Park, which will serves sandwiches, ice cream, coffee and more.Next up: Colicchio undertakes hostile takeover of Jamba Juice, merges it with 'wichcraft empire, declares world peace. And Curbed is there!
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