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Open House War Update: Blood on Our Hands

A few weeks back, we ran a reader account of an open house in Soho gone very wrong ("When I arrived the man's face was bleeding with vicious cuts on either side of his face, looking shaken and on the phone to the police"). Yesterday, the NYT's William Neuman dug into the story, shedding further light on the behavior of broker Gia Wang, who has since resigned from Douglas Elliman:

"She left and reappeared a couple minutes later, just ranting and raving," recalled Mr. McNulty... "Her rants got more incoherent and we said, 'You're really scaring us and you have to go now.' "

She continued to be belligerent, he said, and when he tried to remove her from the apartment, she began to claw at his face, scratching him and drawing blood. "She was dragged kicking and screaming out of my kitchen," he said. Finally, he said, he got her into the hallway and she fled the building.

Reached by Neuman for comment, Ms. Wang said, "I love everybody. I don't have any bad feelings about anything." No, really?she did. God bless this market.
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