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Avalon's Across-the-Street Plans

A Curbed reader answers our morning query about just what the heck the Avalon Chrystie Place developers are doing across the street on the north side of Houston:

While the Chrystie Place project is a monstrosity, the building that will be built at Extra Place (1st and Bowery) is one of the off-site buildings that AvalonBay was required to build for low and moderate income residents. The reason that they are pushing for the extra retail space and parking is that the income in these buildings from the apartments is much smaller than a market-rate building. The retail space and parking are subsidizing the affordable apartments. That being said, if you can really minimize your impact on the garden for $130,000, AvalonBay should step up to the plate.
· Liz Christy Garden on East Houston Threatened [Curbed]