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Astor Place Cube Missing!

Perhaps, they figured, now that Astor Place has Gwathmey's Sculpture for Living, what need would it have for a large, rotating cube? The Village Voice reports on the disappearance earlier this week of an East Village landmark:

"You know, when they ripped the band shell out of Tompkins Square Park they claimed they were 'just cleaning it,' too" said Eddie C., an East Village resident, musician, and sound man. "In 20 years, the cube hasn't been moved once. Why now? Because of these guys!" and he gestured toward the Sculpture for Living. "I didn't know it would happen before the building was even done! I figured they'd at least wait until they moved in to start a petition or something."Conspiracy theories aside, the cube, apparently, is doing 60 days' time in a cleaning chamber. Godspeed.
· Iced Cube: Village Landmark Goes Missing [Village Voice]
· Remember the Alamo [, night photo by Jesse Chan-Norris] UPDATE: The City Parks Department has a screw loose. Er, the Cube does. [Gothamist]