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Curbed Readers Write: Odd Investments & Bar Puke

1) Concerning this apartment listing at 92 Horatio Street (right), a reader emails, "This listing features a one bedroom West Village apartment for $725K and a maintenance of over $1,200 month. Oh, but there's a catch: it has a rent-stabilized tenant who pays $1,005 a month and has 'no intention to leave.' WTF!!! What kind of an 'investment' loses thousands of dollars a month?" UPDATE: Another reader emails, "Actually, a good investment. You can deduct the loses on the apartment for up to three years under IRS rules."
2) Apparently, uptown doesn't fly downtown. A Curbed reader emails from the East Village, "On Avenue B and walked past a closed DT-UT with a FOR RENT sign next to the front window (presumably for the DT-UT space). Perhaps I missed the closing of my favorite place for free Wi-Fi and quart sized iced coffees. Given the size of the space and the low profit margin on quart sized iced coffee, I'm not surprised."
3) Regarding the closing of an oldschool Carroll Gardens bar, a fan emails, "Hey, have you ever been to PJ Hanley's? Great location. Great patio. Looks like it could be the perfect London pub, transplanted to Brooklyn. Ahh. But yet, every chance I've given it (and I've given it six), the bathroom is covered in puke, the service is slow or surly, there's bad 1980s heavy-metal hair rock playing on the stereo, and bad heavy-metal hair dudes sitting at the bar. If a well-kept historic pub surrounded by lawyers who all paid $600,000 for a two-bedroom floor-thru can't make money, well, maybe they should start reading Curbed."