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In Fort Greene and Billyburg, They Just Wanna Dance

The Times turns over today's arts section to a 3000-word treatise on Williamsburg and Fort Greene real estate masquerading as a dance piece. At issue is whether the arts-friendly nabes, where "artists brave the area's stark postindustrial landscape, and camp out - often illegally - in loft spaces," are about to succumb to the pressures of capitalism and development. (What? Impossible!) Apparently, it's going to take more than some slick moves for the 'hoods to avoid becoming the next East Village or Soho. And according to at least one Brooklyn dancer, one of the neighborhoods needs to get its act together.

"Fort Greene has a vision," choreographer Christopher Caines, who lives in Bushwick, told the Times. "Williamsburg doesn't. It's just people living here and trying to survive. You need a vision of a community as a whole. If you leave it up to developers, you will have luxury condos."Ah, the condos. Always with the condos. Never fear, though. In an effort to save Brooklyn from itself, the BAM Local Development Corporate has six new theaters in the works, including the Frank Gehry-designed home for Theater for a New Audience, which is expected to open at the end of 2008. Godspeed, Brooklyn dancers. [photo by Elizabeth Felicella via NYT]
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