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Slumlords, and Total Suckers, in Williamsburg

What to do in a crazed housing market? Why, check out Craigslist for low-cost rentals, of course! Here's one tempting ad from yesterday:

$590 - no fee williamsburg bedford L
basement studio,free electric,tile floors,6 ft 2 ceilings,close to everything,showing tonight at 6:30pm...293 n 7 st
Oops, didn't make the open house? Another Craigslist poster offers an appraisal:
$590 - Regarding $590 No fee Williamsburg Bedford L
This place is a great breeding ground for serial killers or mushroom growers. Upon decending the bowed and beaten stairs to your new hovel you will notice the 6' high ceilings. Might be less due to the fact that the tiled floor is severly crooked and bowed upwards. There is also a nice hand crafted kitchen sink area made from scrap wood and 2 x 4's. A small window that looks out onto a vista of weeds, gas meters and broken glass. Sorry I didn't stay to view the bathroom but did notice that the toilet was about a foot or so away from the door. Come and bring your camera to enjoy the laughs (or the Horror) for years to come.
· $590 - no fee williamsburg bedford L [Craigslist]
· $590 - Regarding $590 No fee Williamsburg Bedford L [Craigslist]