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Moby Hushes Critics on the LES

What with the new album, and the new book, and the constant demands that come with running a tea emporium, it was clear to us that Moby would have to work hard to maintain his lower east side cred. According to at least one reader tale, he may be failing:

So my friend Kristy and I saw Moby the other night, Saturday I think, outside his tea place, Teany. It was very late, around 2:30 am I think and Teany was closed. He was standing with this little girl who looked maybe 6 years old. My friend Kristy and I were talking sort of non-stop and kind of loud about Melinda and Melinda, but when we passed by Moby, when we were right adjacent to him, we stopped talking all of sudden. We didn't plan it, it just happened. And we heard Moby say to the little girl, and he whispered this, leaned over and looking level at the little girl's face (and somehow it was really quiet everywhere and we heard him whisper really clearly): "Don't ever say that Teany is Shitty. Don't ever say that."UPDATE: I made this story up, says the source.
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