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Book Review: Is Steven Gaines from Kansas?

Not to be outdone by Page Six or The Atlantic, an industrious Curbed reader got his hands on an advance copy of Steven Gaines' new book (thank you, eBay!) and filed this report:

Aside from some gossipy tidbits like those you wrote about and some great descriptions of huge apartments in Good Buildings, this book reads like it was written by a reporter for the Topeka Gazette, marvelling at the crazy prices them city slickers are payin' for those houses in the sky--complete with sadly outdated and just incorrect information--stuff like the west village is home to older gay couples in "gentrified" townhouses, and the upper west side was home to the "middle class" in rambling classic sixes. Really--don't we wish both of those statements were true--I'm ready to help gentrify the West Village! Who else is in? How about you, Richard Meier?
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