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Inside Co-Op Boards, The 12th Circle of Hell

Page Six gets advance scoop on Steven Gaines' forthcoming Manhattan real estate tell-all, The Sky's the Limit. Choice bits:
1) Broker Alice Mays: "This is the way it works. There is one Jewish person on the board, and that Jewish person is the one who vetoes all the other Jewish people."
2) "When Donna Karan went to her board meeting at 55 Central Park West, she dressed in flip-flops and neglected to tell them that her husband was dying in the hospital, because single women have a harder time getting approval."
3) "Fashion designer Arnold Scaasi was told by Betty Sherrill, the board president of 1 Sutton Place South, not to bother applying because he lived with his life partner of 25 years, Parker Ladd."
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