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Meier Covers His Ass at 165 Charles

What happens when the glassy architectural wonders you've designed end up, um, leaking? If you're Richard Meier, you put Perry Street behind you and up the ante for the adjacent 165 Charles Street by carting in $6,500 bathroom doors:

Mr. Meier designed the interior of all 31 apartments himself, as well as the building's 50-foot pool with waterfall, 35-seat screening room, wine cellar and fitness center. The developers also paid handsomely for every architectural detail... The nine-foot-tall bathroom doors, made of opaque glass, were $6,500 each. The African wenge wood floors are being put down by the same team responsible for the Getty's flooring. There is humidity control for people with art collections.Hmmm. This seems certain to end well. [photo courtesy Wired New York]
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