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Yankees Ace Settles In

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Yes, that really was a real estate story sharing cover space with the pope and the royals in Sunday's Post--it wasn't just another hangover-related Sunday brunch hallucination. Such a landmark event has forced us to put aside our baseball allegiances and love of obvious double entendre (for a moment, anyway) to take a closer look at Yankees pitcher Randy Johnson's new digs.

The Big Unit, spending his first season with the Yanks, has decided to pump some of his $16 million annual salary into a $25,000-per-month condo on Broadway just north of the Theater District. The five bed, five-and-a-half bath 58th-floor residence features "sweeping views of Central Park and the Hudson River" and "individual-room climate control," perfect for cooling off the flames of Yankee hell without disturbing the kiddies in the next room (we said it would only be a moment, right?).

The Big Unit's unit also has 10-foot-high glass walls, which should accommodate his 6'10" frame just fine. However, it seems parts of the city were not made to suit a man of such stature: rumors of chandelier head bumps at local eateries abound.
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