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Upper East Siders Gone Wild!

We've previously discussed the in-depth research dedicated to determining the alleged coolness of the Upper East Side, and here's a little tidbit that will either confirm the nabe's hipness or strike another devastating blow--we're honestly not quite sure.

It turns out that the UES has its very own deluxe hostel/rowdy dormitory called The Macaw Guesthouses, tucked away in Carnegie Hill, where residents "take pride" in the community's "suburban characteristics."

So just what is the Macaw offering, besides tenants who love to give thumbs-up while pointing (see above)? How about digital cable and high-speed Internet? Check. Maid service? Check. Sauna? Check. Jacuzzi? But of course. All this and more for somewhere in the range of $850-$2,400 per month. Or $400 per week, if you're just dropping by the party to check out the swimsuit competition.
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