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Brooklyn Tower Keeps Growing, and Growing, and Growing...

Yesterday, while we were deep in thought over what a $6,500 bathroom door looks like, Brooklynites were up in arms over another revelation in the Times' look at Richard Meier's Charles Street tower. Specifically, the part where the paper matter-of-factly notes that Meier is currently working on a 30-story condominium on Grand Army Plaza, overlooking Prospect Park. The problem? According to The Real Deal, 1 Prospect Park is only slated to be 16-18 stories tall (the Daily News reports 15 today).

Needless to say, the neighbors are not pleased. The Daily Heights blog notes that residents are concerned with traffic and sanitation issues, not to mention the possibility of long shadows, and that was before the 30-story bombshell. But could it have just been a mistake? An update from the Union Temple, the lot's owner, is promised.
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