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Bottom of the Market: Windowless on Avenue B

Those who complain that $250,000 $289,000 doesn't buy anything in Manhattan these days need look no further than Avenue B in the East VIllage, courtesy of Craigslist:

Unique Apt on Ave A and 11th Street, 389 sq ft. Open layout, Interior apt wih no windows. The bathroom and kitchen are in close proximity with flip up counter over toilet bowl. This unique layout offers a bargain for any price conscious shopper who wants to be in the middle of the Lower East Side Action. Maintenance 1300 monthly.
Notes a Curbed reader, ?I guess we can only hope that this apartment truly is 'unique' and there aren?t any others like this available." Suddenly, that $590 Williamsburg rental isn't looking half-bad.
· $289000 - Unique Studio Apt For sale by owner [Craigslist]