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Batali Will Sleep When He's Dead

Mario Batali gave an interview to Amazon in advance of the release of his mammoth 565-page recipe encyclopedia Molto Italiano, and just after praising the St. Mark's Place outpost of Manhattan Chinese chain Grand Sichuan ("So f--king good you would die"), Batali gave some insight into the daily routine of an Iron Chef:

I get up in the morning, I make breakfast for my kids, I go to the gym, I come back and I go to Otto by around 10:30. I'm in the kitchen, I'm in the curing room, I'm in the cheese-buying area, I'm making sure everything looks good. Around two o'clock I'm usually over at Babbo. I'm there and intermittently go home around six or six-thirty when the boys are eating then I'm back here by seven. And then I work on the pasta line four of five nights a week until about ten. It's not like a full shift of ten hours of working on the pasta line, but I'm here during the crunch time.A successful TV chef who remains dedicated to the kitchens that made him a household name? Okay, we'll believe it, but the gym thing on the other hand... Just kidding! Don't blackball us, Mario!
· You Say Salami, I Say Salumi [ via Central Village]