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God and Mother Nature Butt Heads in New Brooklyn

Another story about an endangered community garden, only this time it's a church, and not a big, bad developer, that wants to trample all the pretty flowers. The Iglesia Presbiteriana del Cristo Vivo, a small neighborhood house of worship on the corner of Hoyt and Atlantic, smack in the middle of "New Brooklyn," says it wants build apartments on the garden land (which it owns) in order to fund church repairs. The gardeners, who can't bear to give up their little patch of greenery, have offered the church a tithe of $100 a month. (Because that's probably what the apartments will go for, right?) Doesn't look like it's going to be that easy though. At least one church parishioner is holding out for Ratner money: "Enough is enough. It's 30 years. This is Hoyt and Atlantic," Judith Mulet told the Times. "It costs a lot of money now."
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