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Forest Hills Update: We've Got Your Strife Right Here

So much for the idea of the Windsor, Forest Hills' new luxury condo tower, as the feel-good development story of the year. A neighborhood resident says that our suggestion that the community is welcoming the Ismael Leyva-designed building with open arms is "100% wrong." She writes,

The condo is not only opposed -- although our governmental so-called representatives sold us out -- but there have been numerous complaints about illegal overnight and weekend construction on this project. They also damaged many, many apartments in the next-door Chatham, 108-25 72nd Road. If you want to see the huge cracks they put in my wall -- they even admit it, but expect us to live with it for more than a year until they will supposedly fix it with a second-rate handyman from their commercial buildings -- just e-mail me. Come on over and bring your photographer.

Photographer! Quick, to Forest Hills!
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