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Correction: Teany Not Shitty

Speaking of corrections, turns out our source on the Moby tip earlier this week was telling a little fib. She writes,

"Hi, I made this Moby 'gossip' story up. It's complete fiction. All lies. I'm writing an article about blogs and fact-checking and gossip, etc. This is part of the article, if you'll post a correction or remove the item or leave it or ignore me or whatever. Sorry for any trouble i've caused. But Moby deserves it, maybe. (And for the article of journalism, of course.)"What an adorable project! Well, for the article of journalism, we hereby submit that blogs fact-check in real-time. Many apologies, Moby. We'll take two of this and three of that, and a cup of tea to wash it all down.
· Moby Hushes Critics on the LES [Curbed]