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Crazed Realty Scion Leaves 'Em Bloody

Ever since Michael Shvo went and got himself a big New York profile a few weeks back, we've sensed a simmering resentment among the broker underclass. Clearly, it will take increasingly outlandish acts?closing a deal during a one-night stand, flipping an apartment while hang-gliding over downtown Manhattan?to get the media's attention. In that spirit, we congratulate William T. May, co-chairman of tony real estate firm William B. May. He's involved in some sort of legal pissing match, but who cares about that when there are details like this (from Gabriel Sherman's profile in the Observer today) to digest:

"I don?t mind a good fight," Mr. May said the next day, recalling a barroom brawl he once got into in his early 20?s at an Irish pub on Third Avenue. "My birthday is on St. Patrick?s Day, and one St. Patrick?s Day I got all tarted up in my kilts and the whole highland dress. I went into an Irish saloon. I was sober as a judge, and started singing "God Save the Queen" and fought my way out. There were eight guys. I left five of them bloody."Back over to you, Shvo.
· William T. May Sues Agency on Century 21 Ads [NYObserver]