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No Taxation Without Proper Intimidation

Is Mayor Bloomberg an economic girlie man? It seems that Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy (left) would have us believe so. The Politicker dug up this newspaper account of a meeting between the two mayors at a recent panel discussion in New York. Bloomberg, who famously raised property taxes 18.5% after failing to impose a commuter tax (the property tax is lorded over by the City Council, whereas all other taxes are dealt with in the State Assembly)--and later issued rebates on that same property tax--reportedly questioned Murphy about how he managed to get his tax wish list taken care of so easily:

Recalling his conversation with Bloomberg, [Pittsburgh Mayor Tom] Murphy said in an interview, "We had this conversation and he said, 'How did you win?' I said, 'Because I was willing to take the city into bankruptcy.' If I were [New York] mayor, I would probably have shut down the bridges coming in from Long Island...We just didn't blink and the Legislature blinked."Pity poor Tom Murphy: he assumes that closing the bridges coming in from Long Island would lead to some sort of outcry. Silly mayor!
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