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Penthouse's Trip to the Chop Shop

Like a mongoose in the wild fighting for survival, the clever realtor will always find a way. What's that? Luxury condo's been on the market for four years and won't sell for $24 million? Or $18 million? Or $16 million? Or $14.5 million? No worries, why not just carve the sucker up into five separate units and sell them off individually?

That's exactly what the Triumph Property Group's Tiger Koehn is doing as broker and redeveloper for the formerly-palatial spread of late restaurant magnate Warner LeRoy (of Tavern on the Green and Russian Tea Room fame) at 3 Lincoln Center. And it's working, reports the Observer's Michael Calderone. Says Koehn, who doubles as a drummer in a goth band, "The reality is it was kind of like a coup ... It was beyond brokerage, it was property development."
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