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Curbed Readers Write: Big Money and More Bubblings

1) Regarding the $50 million townhouse for sale at 1009 Fifth Avenue (right), a Curbed reader emails, "Do yourselves a favor and put the mortgage calculator to work on this baby. At 10% down, it works out to about $277k/month!"
2) On Jake Bronstein's excursion to Times Square: "other than the fact that this bronstein dude got mugged in a post-hip neighborhood (in his own doorway no less), how does anything he do relate to real estate? i know someone that was beat up in that neighborhood five years ago; shall i introduce you, too?"
3) "Re: Barbara Corcoran Buys in Red Hook for $1 million. Sheetrock, shitty exposed brick, no architectural detail and electric, aluminum baseboard heat in Red Hook? Further proof of the bubble."