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Bruni Dines at Shaburi, Gets Strong Buzz

Two takes on the meat at Shaburi, the new shabu shabu joint on E. 39th:

The beef in particular?in several grades, all the way up to Kobe and Matsukaza (one step above Kobe?these cows apparently get Tivo in addition to premium cable and daily sake massages before they are turned into your dinners)?is deep ruby red, lustrous and gorgeously marbled. -Andrea Strong, The Strong Buzz, 3/5/05

About that beef...It came from cattle raised in a specially pampered manner in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. As it cost $69 for about seven ounces, I hope and assume the pampering includes Tivo, Opus One spritzers and bovine facials. -Frank Bruni, New York Times, 4/15/05

We don't want to say nothing, but something ain't right here.
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