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More Competition For Park Slope Coop

The time has finally come for the final word (this week) on Brooklyn's gourmet supermarkets. Blogger Amy Langfield sends word that the Park Slope Coop has a more immediate threat than the coming Whole Foods juggernaut: A new market that recently opened on the same block. She e-mails:

It's called Union Market - opened by a guy who helped open Gourmet Garage. It's at Union and Sixth -- Time Out says it has 150 cheeses. I walked by the place on Monday after I did my monthly shift at the co-op. Was amazed how nice it looked. I bet that even co-op members start shopping there -- even if it costs more -- to avoid the crazy lines and crowds that are the trademarks of the co-op most hours of the day.

It's looking grim for the Coop. After all, they're used to protesting wars, not fighting them. Amy also ventured to the Fairway site in Red Hook last week and snapped the above photo. Looking, um, good!
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