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Gwathmey Gets Served on Superior Ink Plans

When the Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation put out a "call to arms" to save the Superior Ink Factory in the far West Village from the Related Company's development plans, the community was listening. A Curbed tipster sends word of sparks flying at the zoning committee hearing:

It was quite entertaining, especially the point where the president of one of the condo's near the Bethune St. property spoke. He said that that despite the fact that their properties would most likely increase with more multi-million dollar neighbors, they were adamantly opposed to the development. He then went on to tell a personal tale: he was 16 and taking an architectural tour of the village, led by Gwathmey no less, who pointed to the old industrial buildings and said "don't ever let them tear these down." Needless to say, the crowd loved it. Oh, by the way, Charles Gwathmey was there at the time. Looks like this battle just got personal. [photo courtesy Triple Mint]
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