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More Hotels Slated for Condo Mania

Following protests, rallies and other miscellaneous unpleasantries, Elad Properties announced that they're scaling back their condo plans for the Plaza Hotel. But other New York hotels are also going condo, reports New York magazine's Intelligencer column, and with no expected public outcry on the horizon, floor plans and rates are already available. The East Side's Sutton Hotel, purchased just last month, will close in June. Notes the Sutton's website: "We are no longer taking reservations. Please check back in 2006." For more disappointment, we assume. The Millennium U.N. Plaza hotel is rumored to be going halfsies, with a Plaza-like plan to turn 200 rooms into condos. John Turchiano of the New York Hotel and Motel Trade Council union gets in a good zinger: ?It?s a shame that so-called developers can?t go out and develop.? Sticks and stones, Johnny Boy, sticks and stones...
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