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Development Du Jour: 55 Berry Street

Located just down the block from the Brooklyn Brewery in rapidly changing Hipsterville--err, Williamsburg--55 Berry St. is 35 units of luxury loft condo living in a converted manufacturing building that dates back to 1910. There's a common garden on the second floor, and the sixth-floor penthouses have private terraces with Manhattan skyline views. The one-bedroom and two-bedroom lofts check in at around 1,100-1,350 square feet, and prices start at $785,000 and top off at $1.4 million. On the development's portion of the Elliman website, a realtor with a flair for the narrative describes the building's features:

I am seduced...

by the sound of water, the texture of stone. A private oasis awaits me, its cavernous, walk-in shower beckoning like a lush grotto. Floating magically mid-wall, a sleek, stone vanity arouses my senses. The mirror moves me to reflection. What elegance! What style! What luxury!Oh wait, there's more. So much more. After the jump some additional, umm, intimate details and a couple more photos.

On building amenities:

I am at...
a new place in my life. And I want my new home to reflect this in every way. To express my sophisticated aesthetic. To delights my senses. No wonder I am drawn to 55 Berry Street, with its seductive fusion of modern, loft-inspired design and traditional comforts, surrounded by the eclectic urbanism of Williamsburg ... Airy spaces with soaring ceilings welcome me into a resplendent sanctuary that stimulates and soothers.On the neighborhood:I am summoned...

by countless temptations. The streets scintillate with new places to discover and explore- eateries, boutiques, bars and galleries galore. Yet, I am so close to the City, so close to the L. I am all but overwhelmed by the options placed before me. It is as if I