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Gaze into the Brooklyn of yore and you will learn a valuable history lesson, such as the birth of the original Brooklyn real estate bubble. A Curbed reader, snooping around the Internet in search of historical documents, came across a Brooklyn Eagle article from 1896 that traced the history of notable land owners and street names in the area. So just who was this Joralemon fellow, on who's namesake street Brooklyn Borough Hall now rests?

The LIVINGSTON mansion was the the family summer residence and in 1803 the land included in the estate was purchased by Tunis JORALEMON, a Jerseyman of Dutch extraction who sold milk and vegetables in the New York market and utilized his purchase for dairies and garden purposes ... He was most obstinate1y oppossd to having streets opened through his farm. In 1826 Charles HOYT forced Henry street through it. This marked the commencement of land speculation in Brooklyn.
Hey Mr. Joralemon: wanna buy a townhouse?
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