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Williamsburg's Warriors Need a Little Help

Some guy who died before some of us were born once said "the medium is the message," but for Williamsburg hipsters who already have a lot on their minds (What is art? Do my turquoise leg warmers clash with my red headband?), sometimes both the medium and the message get lost in the confusion. The Post's Maureen Callahan filed a report on how all those unique Williamsburg rezoning protests--like the late, great Balloons Over Billyburg--are resonating amongst the local community. She found that, more often than not, nobody knows what the protests are protesting and the benefits are benefiting. But a silkscreener named "Wolfy" has a solution: Get 'em drunk.

"The creative community is very shy of organized groups, so you have to feed them a different form of propaganda," says Wolfy. "You have to give 'em a few beers and then pound the angry message into their heads."
Easy, Wolfy. Heel, boy, heel.
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