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Ruffians and Thieves on the Downtown Scene

Tale of Two Cities, home base of Curbed's esteemed contributing editor Joey Arak, launches a new feature today: Downtown Reviews from Uptown Mike. The concept: "We'll send our young UESer to the frontlines of Lower East Side and East Village weekend culture. He'll pen brief reviews on the sights, sounds and smells he encountered on his big night out." First up: Lit. An excerpt:

As I step onto the line with my girlfriend and two associates [all of us U.E.Siders] a leather clad bouncer checks our IDs. I bet this guy is really into Dungeons and Dragons. He's rather butch and has a Harley Davidson vibe, but something tells me he prefers a Vespa to a Road King Classic. He advises the girls to hold on tight to their pocketbooks. "Oh dear, guess there are some ruffians in this place...and thieves."The fun continues?"'Some asshole just grabbed my boob,' my girlfriend cries"?at ToTC.
· Downtown Reviews from Uptown Mike [Tale of Two Cities]