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Shaun Osher: The Disappearing Man

Following up yesterday's bit of realtor gossip, a Curbed reader with an impeccable memory chimes in on Shaun Osher's sudden disappearance from the Elliman website, seemingly taking some high-profile properties with him:

i haven't been paying super close attention, but the last time i looked, the PH @ the 23rd st Y was still available, and then there was a $12 mil (or so) townhouse on w. 9th or 10th, as well as a couple of groovy $3-4 mil-ish lofts in tribeca: all utterly dematerialized from planet elliman. and that other guy, who was often credited as a co-lister -- the kinda cute blond shaun-clone -- also banished into the cybervoid.But hold your horses! The same reader files this report, mere moments later:one of those groovy tribeca places i was talking about -- 152 franklin. as of this moment, headshots of shaun and mini-shaun, but w/ names and links redacted.People, please. Did Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind teach you nothing? It takes time to permanently erase a loved one from your memory. Sure there'll be a loose name here, a floating headshot there, but give the brain technicians a little time to work their magic and it'll soon be all over. Wait, who were we talking about again? [Photo credit of guy we can't remember: The Real Deal]
· Listing: 152 Franklin St. [Elliman, for now]