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Thanks to Foer, Brooklyn Finally Cool

Poor Jonathan Lethem (right). He's been penning love notes to his native Brooklyn for years now. But it's Jonathan Safran Foer, a little younger and a little richer, who gets all the credit for erasing the borough's inferiority complex ? and not with a novel, but with a big, fat check. Writes Sunday Styles columnist Bob Morris,

Maybe Brooklyn can finally stop feeling the need to promote itself as some kind of hip equal to Manhattan. Here is a loaded celebrity author who could afford to buy anywhere - he doesn't even have children who would need extra bedrooms and a yard - and he has chosen Brooklyn over Manhattan for his lifestyle upgrade. Bravo, Brooklyn. Paying $6.75 million to live a half-hour subway ride from Greenwich Village. That tells the world that you're not an outskirt. You're a mecca.UPDATE: A Curbed reader thinks everybody's giving JSF a little too much credit: "Everyone assumes that he's the one paying for this house. Frankly I don't think he is and you should know that his wife is also a well regarded author AND her father is very wealthy. And he loves his little girl and by all accounts he's fond of JSF to boot. So......."
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