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Ian Schrager Pumps 50 Gramercy Park North

Ian Schrager's much-anticipated makeover of part of the Gramercy Park Hotel into 23 luxury condos at 50 Gramercy Park North, had its grand opening openhouse yesterday. (Anyone go? Drop us a line.) For your interactive pleasure, the website for 50 Gramercy North is live, featuring absurd pronouncements from Ian ("As old institutions fade and social structures crumble, nationality and class are being replaced by lifestyle") and schematics of the interior design (above). Best of all, there's a streaming Schrager video that we urge you to watch.

As for prices, no news yet, but given they were projecting $3.75m to $20m last June, we're thinking something like $15m-$75m now. Plus your first-born. And a kiss of Ian's ring.
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