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Open House War: A List of Don'ts

Last week we were regaled with tales of realtors behaving badly at open houses, and this week we get the gory details about those naughty, naughty prospective buyers. The Times spoke to a crop of realtors to get their open house nightmare stories, and they provide a handy checklist of things you should avoid doing if you plan on not torpedoing your chances at landing that $715,5000 Chelsea duplex.

To wit, do not: bring your pets, throw your rain-soaked jacket on the furniture, critique the home's design, love the home's design too much (typical faux pas: lifting the mattress to inspect the sheets), shout derogatory statements about the place to deter other buyers, steal, steal tomatoes, and above all--well, we'll let Halstead VP Richard Orenstein handle this one: "People who have nothing better to do with their lives but look at apartments on the weekend - those are the people who come in and use the bathroom." Any questions?
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