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Divergent Views on the Meaning of THOR

Blogger Fink Tank 3000 is not amused by The Hotel on Rivington, calling the LES tower a disgrace to the neighborhood and the people who live in it." He writes, "The money Stallings spent on this eye sore could have been well spent on rodenticide or some instant lotto tickets for the neighbors. But no. Now we?ve got Page Six readers with Louis Vitton luggage looking down on us like the rest of Manhattan."

Well, get ready to be looked down on by Conde Nast Traveller readers, too, because that mag just named the LES glass tower #23 on it's list of the 60 hottest hotels in the world (3 behind the Hotel Gansevoort and one ahead of Hotel QT). "The Hotel on Rivington, towering over the tenements, has become a neighbourhood icon," the mag says.
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