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Shining Light On 123 West 44th Street's Sordid Past

More now on today's hot topic from a gentleman billing himself as a "123 West 44th St. survivor." If there is truth to his claims, and we can think of no good reason not to trust all unsolicited email, then those pissed off tenants should probably stop bickering and start running:

It is a weird building, though the doormen and super are awesome. It is also a testament to old Times Square as two years ago THERE WAS A MURDER IN THE BUILDING. It turned out there was a brothel running out of one of the apartments. A guy disguised as a food delivery guy snuck into the building and robbed the brothel. When one of the nekkid johns fought back, he was stabbed to death. And, rumor has it, some people at the old management company had cut the brothel a side deal to keep the lease.
Our brave survivor's harrowing tale--noisy tourists!--continues after the jump.
In less titilaing tidbits, half the building was run as a hostel in recent years by sublet in the city. At the end of my time there, it was routine to come home at night to police in the lobby responding to complaints about noisy tourists in overcrowded weekend sublets, fights, etc. The funy thing was half the building was being sublet out, the other half were longtime residents, families and wall street folks.

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