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NYC2012 Co-Opts Union Square Clock

Lingering in Union Square, a Curbed reader emails,

Do you guys know what the story is with the digital clock in Union Square (aka the public "art" project Metronome above the Virgin Megastore)? A few weeks back someone changed it from its former forward/backwards clock display to a countdown with a specific end date. It's got 70 days and 17 hours left now, so it's counting down to July 6th at about 7am. How 'bout a little service journalism? If you know why they changed it, I would love to find out. Our office is baffled."Reports blogger GrubbyKid, "It could be for nyc2012 Olympic Bid... The announcement of the host city is made on July 6th, 2005, so co-option of public art by Deputy Mayor Doctoroff isn't besides the pale."
· Union Square Clock [Grubbykid]