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Battling Eviction at 123 West 44th Street

There are few things we love more than angry building residents speaking up. One of those things: angry building residents speaking up on Internet message boards for us to read. Seems the folks at 123 West 44th Street are pissed about their new owners. But don't take our word for it. Let's see what they have to say for themselves on their newly-constructed building message board:

1) "just spoke to the new property manager/owner, they are also saying the the units are not stabilized, and are fair market now. She indicated that they intend to raise the rates by about 50% from where it is now on my unit." [thread]
2) "i'm not sure how they expect so many people to move out at once. it takes at least a half day of movers and using an elevator to move out an apartment. even if every single person started moving out today there wouldn't be enough days left to move out all the apartments." [thread]
3) "Someone called up ConEd and and shut off my electricity!" [thread]

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