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Rao's Invites You in, but Not to Eat

Rao's, the legendary East Harlem Italian joint known for its old New York charm, exclusivity, shootouts and subsequent Law & Order episodes, is finally opening its doors to commoners?sort of. The long-vacant upper floors in the Rao's building have been cleaned up and renovated, and now anyone can "live above a legend," as the restaurant's banner says, provided that person wants to shell out the $2,000-$6,000 per month for one of the 22 luxury units. But what about the question on everybody's mind: Will living above Frank Pellegrino's 11-table mob/celebrity hangout actually get you a seat in the dining room? Says co-owner Ron Straci in New York magazine, "It's easier to get an apartment than a reservation."

Admit it, you thought he was going to say "Fuhgeddaboutit!" Well, hopefully he at least broke the reporter's kneecaps.
· You Wanna Piece of This? [NYMag]
· Listings: 455 East 114th St. [Corcoran]