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1 Whateverthehell You Say It Is

Excerpted from an IM conversation with the notorious Felix Salmon:

fsalmon: tell me you knew that there was a York Street in Manhattan before this morning
fsalmon: that's got to be one of the most obscure addresses of all time
lockloct: they just make this shit up
lockloct: 1 Morton Square
lockloct: 1 York Street
fsalmon: 1 Liberty Plaza
fsalmon: Isn't Time Warner Center 1 Columbus Circle?
fsalmon: You know there's an address in London which is just 1 London
fsalmon: It's a house on Hyde Park
fsalmon: Really, send a letter to 1 London, UK and it will get there
lockloct: Will do.
Other examples of prefab NYC addresses? Email them to and we'll summarize 'em here.
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