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At Washington Square Park, Vellonakis Explains it All

Gawker guest editor Michael Gross, author of the forthcoming real estate porn manual 740 Park, checks out the latest hubbub concerning plans to remake the Village's venerable Washington Square Park. He writes,

The fifty-year conflict has seen buildings demolished, tenants evicted, roads vanish from city maps, public land disappear and even a bizarre scheme to dome the historic park. More recently, N.Y.U. tried to close several more streets around the park?almost all lined with N.Y.U buildings?to extend its "campus-like area."Confused? Pay a visit this afternoon to George Vellonakis, who hangs out at Washington Square Park on Wednesdays (9am-4pm) to answer questions about the forthcoming park renovations. (Sample exchange: Q: "What about the Scrabble area?" A: "It?ll still be there.")
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