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Freedom Tower Plans 'Out There Somewhere'

Blogger/essayist Felix Salmon weighs in on the current state of the Freedom Tower. Regarding the strange leaking (via a NYT editorial) of news of police-related redesign delays earlier this week, he observes,

The one thing this story does tell us, however, is that there are, now, detailed Freedom Tower plans out there somewhere. We would probably be expecting to see them pretty soon, were it not for the fact that Childs & Co have been sent back to their proverbial drawing board. My guess is that we're only going to get a realistic idea of what the Freedom Tower is actually going to look like in 2006. And that when the final plans are released, the tower will bear about as much relation to Libeskind's original vision as the Time Warner Center does to the Jewish Museum in Berlin.
Meantime, not to be outdone by the NYT, the Post fires off a doozy of a Freedom Tower editorial today. Gem quote: "It's outrageous." (Natch.)
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