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Know Your Realtor: Kevin, LES All-Star

For weeks, if not months, the widely-read Oh My Rockness email newsletter?a digest of upcoming area indie rock shows?has had a simple text ad promising "Great Lower East Side Apartments -- From $1200." Following that, there's a couple lines about a specific "featured apartment" (always priced above $1,200), and then the signature: "Email **KEVIN** for pictures!" Kevin provides his email address, phone number and?bravely?his AIM screen name (he's idle right now).

For as many weeks as Kevin has been advertising on Oh My Rockness, we've been wondering about this mysterious figure. Who is he? Who does he work for? How was he the first to come up with the genius idea of advertising Lower East Side apartments directly to the demographic that desires them most: hipsters? Well, finally we have a few answers, as Big Kev has decided to out his identity on Craigslist. Ladies and gentleman, we give you ... Kevin.
· $1300 / 1br - KEVIN's Lower East Side Apartments! [Craigslist]