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Prefab Addresses: One Ain't the Loneliest Number

Yesterday, we asked readers to add to our list (1 Morton Square, 1 York Street, 1 Liberty Plaza) of NYC buildings that are so important they've just gotta have their own (totally fabricated) One Whatever Street address. Your voluminous contributions—from 1 River Place to 1 West Street to 1 Kenmare Square—after the jump.

· 1 Union Square South—that huge ugly monster of a building that houses the movie theater and Circuit City. And now the Olympic Bid Clock.

· Not sure if this counts, but i used to live at 1 West Street, across the street from Battery Park. The actual address of the entrance was 17 Battery Place, but perhaps 1 West St. was deemed a more prestigious address at which to get mail. Too bad it translated to "directly at the southernmost entrance to the West Side Highway."

· One Battery Park Plaza. Yeah, it's near Battery Park, but no one can still find it. (And that's a One, not a "1" - mind you)

· If only the Time Warner Center were 1 Columbus Circle. It's not. It's One Time Warner Center.

· Don't forget about 1 Kenmare Square....the new André Balazs building at 210 Lafayette.

1 Financial Square (aka 32 Old Slip). Bounded by Front Street, Old Slip, Gouverneur Lane, and South Street.

· Don't forget One Hudson Square (75 Varick).

· I was working in the Long Island City Courthouse (25-10 Court Square) a couple years ago when I discovered that my neighbors across the street in the Citibank building had dropped the awkward 25-01 Court Square moniker to become the much more memorable 1 Court Square. I was totally jealous that they had 3 less digits than myself.

· One Beacon Court. or maybe it's 1 Beacon Court? [ed—yup, One Beacon Court]

· Here's an invented address: 1 River Place. Located at 42nd and 12th Avenue. Of course, it is a luxury high rise, but what most of the tenant don't know is that it was built on top of a natural gas storage site and was part of the NYC "Brownfield" clean up program. You can see this monstrosity here. They plan on building 2 River Place on the parking lot next to it, because there isn't enough luxury high rises in this city for all the people with $200k+ salaries.

· one-half Fifth Ave (i think owned by NYU). and i think reuters is 3 times square (so i assume all the other bldgs on the square have the same.)

· 1 London was the Duke of Wellington's house. It would make great condos.

Goodness, we haven't had that much fun since y'all told us about buildings that share the fraternity flair of the Upper East Side's Dormandy. Thanks to all who wrote.

[photo at top via Spell With Flickr]