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Waterfront Rezoning Touches a Nerve

An infuriated Curbed reader calls bullshit on the Village Voice's call of bullshit on the city's bullshit ... or something.

First, the City?s environmental impact statement says that a grand total of 9 people will be directly displaced by the rezoning. Any other displacements will be the result of gentrification. Am I wrong, or has gentrification already happened in Willisamsburg, oh about 10 years ago?
What a coincidence: cultural anthropology is our weekend gig! Consulting our notes, yes, lab tests have shown that traces of mesh and faux fur have been found in artifacts dug up in Williamsburg and carbon-dated back to 1995.

The second point?City government bashing!?after the jump.

Second, the City is stopping just short of actuall requiring that affordable housing be built, and is imposing zoning and tax penalties on developers to insure compliance (a.k.a making an offer that can