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Swayze's Specter Haunts Invisible Apartment

Why must the most intriguing neighborhood mysteries always relate back to Patrick Swayze? Okay, maybe that's an overstatement, but there's at least one! Prospect Heights blogger 9flights was watching Ghost over the weekend when Swayze—through trusty psychic medium Whoopi Golderg—informs Demi Moore that he had tracked his killer to 303 Prospect Pl., Apt. 4D. Our adventurous blogger then decided to trek over to 303 Prospect Pl., only to discover a problem: the address doesn't exist. The numbers jump from 299 to 305, seen in the photo above. Intentional mistake to disuade curious onlookers ... or outright Brooklyn negligence? Fifteen years after the movie's release, and finally, some drama!
· Willie Lopez lives here [9flights via DailyHeights]