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On the Market: Stairway to Heaven

There's a "floating staircase" connecting the first and second floors of this 6000sqft penthouse duplex. And when you get to the top, you can keep climbing, all the way to the 3000sqft terrace. After that, you're on your own. Asking $13.5 million.

UPDATE: A Curbed reader writes, "I'm fairly certain that 30 Crosby listing 'floating staircase' is Lenny Kravitz's. Remember the whole plumbing issue a while back?" Ah, yes, the plumbing issue. Could be, though if that's true, then Lenny's redecorated since his place was last listed . In any case, if this is indeed Lenny's place, that can't be good news for this listing. MORE: "That isn't Lenny's apartment, it's his neighbor's."

THE FINAL WORD: Stribling's Susan Wires writes, "I am the exclusive agent for 30 Crosby Street PHA which you have featured on your website. Please know that this listing is NOT Lenny Kravitz's and should not be confused with it. His penthouse is next door and really quite different. My sellers bought the space raw and did their own custom build-out. It is superb and truly the most stunning loft on the market downtown."
· Listing: 30 Crosby Street [Stribling]